Okanagan Science Centre

Jim Swingle recently spoke to Kal Rotary members about “what’s new” at the Okanagan Science Centre.  He also gave a short interview that you can see that at our Facebook site – www.facebook.com/kalrotary/videos/189642335638941/   Jim is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Stephen Russell.

Welcome New Members

Club President Carmen Larsen (left)  and Jim Ferguson (right) had the pleasure of inducting Chelsea Kidd and Geoff Gibbons into the club as our newest members. Jim outlined the benefits and expectations of belonging to Kal Rotary.


At our October 31st, Halloween, meeting some of our members arrived in costume. Good spirit.

Front Row Foundation

Angie MacDougal spoke to our club about the Front Row Foundation. It is a charity driven organization with a goal of providing people dealing with a life threatening illness the chance to do something they have dreamed of doing.  Her interview on Facebook explains this in detail and can be viewed at – https://www.facebook.com/kalrotary/videos/1154096081447677More information […]

Environmental Sustainability

Derek Moody is the Committee Chair for the District 5060 Environmental Sustainability Committee.  He is on left in this photo with Morgan Roney. Derek recently spoke to our club about how Rotary International and each individual Rotary Club can be involved in this issue. He provided an interview about this project that we have posted […]

100% Attendance

The Kal Rotary members in this photo were recognized for having 100% attendance last year.  Perfect attendance is achieved by attending our regular weekly meetings and obtaining a make-up for any missed meetings.  A make-up can be obtained by attending a different Rotary Club meeting, being involved in any one of our work programs, attending […]

Rohingya Crisis

Lia Harris, Pediatric and Education Committee Volunteer for MedGlogal, recently spoke to our club about the Rohingya refugee crisis and how MedGlobal is making a difference. You can listen to her description of this at our Facebook site – https://www.facebook.com/kalrotary/videos/403233480308493/ and there is more information about MedGlobal at their website –  www.medglobal.orgLia is on the left […]